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Monday, 7 April 2014

Promotion of Nano Nature Water Filter is BACK!!!

Promotion Nano Nature Water Filtration System!!!
(1st April -30th April 2014 - valid for Za Tupperware only)

Mencari Water Filter di rumah yang sesuai??
Tak rugi kalau anda mencari Nano Nature Water Filtration System (NNWFS) ini.
Hanya 0.43 sen per liter dan boleh menapis air sebanyak 3.5L per minit!!
 Murah tak??

Nak harga menarik??
Normal Price = RM2750
NOW OFFER = RM1999.00 ONLY!!!

Sila SMS/Whatsapp di 012-6241956 untuk lebih lanjut.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Clearance Stock!!

 High Handolier with New Pouch Blue (1) 1.5L
Retail Price RM56.50

Thirstquake Tumblers with Pouch Green (1) 900ml
Retail Price RM40.90
RM32.00 NOW

 Counterpart (3) 900ml
Retail Price RM132.00
RM85.00 NOW

 Cosy Nest Jumbo Set
Cosy Nest (1) 2.5L
Cosy Nest (1) 1.2L
Cosy Nest (1) 500ml
Retail Price RM65.40
RM45.00 NOW

 Rice Dispenser (1) 10.5kg
Retail Price RM295.00
RM200.00 NOW

Fresh N Cool (4) 1L
Retail Price RM92.40
RM58.00 NOW

Carribean Petit Bowl with Gift Box (6) 150ml
Retail Price RM65.40
RM45.00 NOW

Purple Pitcher (1) 2.3L
Purple Mugs and Seals (4) 350ml
Purple Allegra Serving Centre (1)
Retail Price RM192.70
RM130.00 NOW

 Turbo Chopper (1) 300ml
Retail Price RM129.00
RM100.00 NOW

Insulated Round Server (1) 1.4L
Retail Price RM82.90
RM40.00 NOW

 Tall Canister (2) 10.0L
Retail Price RM168.00
RM110.00 NOW

 Eco Bottle (4) 1L
Retail Price RM108.00
RM85.00 NOW

 Picnic Set
Large Deep Plates (2)
Cutlery Set (2)
High Handolier (1) 1.5L
Tumbler (2) 270ml
Round Keeper (2) 300ml
Jumbo Goody Box Small with Carolier (2) 2L
Prosperity Fortune Bag (1)
Retail Price RM258.00
RM130.00 NOW

 One Touch Mural Set
One Touch Topper Small (2) 950ml
One Touch Canister Small (2) 2.0L
Retail Price RM132.40
RM85.00 NOW

 Planes Handolier (2) 1.1L (Dusty/Chupacabra)
Retail Price RM97.80
RM75.00 NOW

Large Stor N Pour (3) 650ml
Retail Price RM68.40
RM55.00 NOW

Freezermate Essential Set
Freezermate Small II (2) 650ml
Freezermate Medium I (1) 550ml
Freezermate Medium II (2) 1.5L
Freezermate Medium III (1) 2.3L
Freezermate Large II (1) 3.1L
Gift Box
Retail Price RM203.00
RM150.00 NOW

Purple Allegra Serving Centre (1) 
Retail Price RM89.00
RM65.00 NOW

 Jumbo Keeper (1) 5.7L
RM35.00 NOW

 Small Rectangular Saver (4) 500ml 
Retail Price RM60.00
RM40.00 NOW

Violetta Lunch Set
Reheatable Divided Lunch Box (1) 1.0L
Cutlery Set
Violetta Lunch Pouch
Retail Price RM72.30
RM48.00 NOW

 World Water Day Set 1
Eco Bottle (1) 1.0L - Cool Aqua
Cool Blue Pouch
Eco Bottle Flip Top (1) 750ml - Pink Punch
Eco Bottle (1) 750ml - Tangerine
Eco Bottle (1) 500ml - Natural
Eco Bottle Lime Aid (1) 500ml
Retail Price RM123.90
RM85.00 NOW

 Garlic-N-All-Keeper (1) 3.0L
Retail Price RM65.00
RM53.00 NOW

 Mini Quick Shake (1) 300ml
Retail Price RM23.40
RM20.00 NOW

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pakej Keahlian April 2014

Interested to join and buy??
Do call/SMS/Whatsapp me at 0126241956 now.
Hurry up!!!

Catalogue 1st April - 10th May 2014

Interested to buy??
Do call/SMS/Whatsapp me at 0126241956 for the best price.
Hurry up!!!
While stocks last!!

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